Hostel Friendly For Pets


Do not leave a friend at home. In our hostel, every four-legged pet is treated equally with the owner.

Recently hostel visited FREJA and RYSIA, two sympatic dogs.

It was very nice!!



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Merry Christmas Holidays



For all our guests - all employees of Hostel Lawenda

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Travel with the pet!

Having an animal is a kind of pleasure, but also an obligation. 
The problem is when we go on vacation and we have no where to leave our friend.
We know this from autopsy. It's hard for us to part with our favorite,
so we decided to share our hostel with your pets.

or them, we just separated this part of the facility,
where in a dedicated space, with private bathroom and direct access to the hostel garden,
their pets will feel comfortable and comfortable!

It is said that the owners of the quadrupeds share in those who directly say
that a dog or cat is sleeping with them in bed And for those who do not admit it - in the hostel Lavenda will receive free bedding
for their charges and set of bowls.
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Comfort in silence

It is well known that noise is very harmful to health. Its long lasting impact on the human body can cause vegetative changes in the body already in the intensity above 70 dB, while 130dB sets the limit of pain.
Sounds dangerous? Fact!
However, there is a solution. Surround yourself with silence. 
Staying in quiet and relaxing places. Dive into the silence, enjoying it with a book in the hostel garden.
Sucking on a place where no one in this silence does not violate. And the street noise in spite of a short distance from one of the main streets of Lodz - is not audible. At Lavenda Hostel you will find the silence that is "luxury for all" - as Erling Kagge writes in his book,
entitled "Silence". Welcome to us! Tss!

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In good company

Lavender has a calming effect, its presence in the garden, and also in the bed and closet is a priceless companion.


What does lavender help? This plant has multiple uses in medicine and cosmetology: it is soothing and hypnotic. In combination with essential oil, lavender flowers enclosed in cushions or in bags suspended on the headboard of the bed - will provide a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

Her therapeutic properties have also been used in the fight against acne vulgaris or skin and body care in general
as the dried lavender herb has a strong antiseptic effect. It also applies crotchetically and improves digestion. In the dressing room will effectively scare the mole. This plant is unequaled culinary - you can make ice cream desserts, lemonade, seasonings, meat and vegetables
Recipe for lavender cookies - tasty and fragrant you will find on our fanpage.

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