In good company

Lavender has a calming effect, its presence in the garden, and also in the bed and closet is a priceless companion.


What does lavender help? This plant has multiple uses in medicine and cosmetology: it is soothing and hypnotic. In combination with essential oil, lavender flowers enclosed in cushions or in bags suspended on the headboard of the bed - will provide a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

Her therapeutic properties have also been used in the fight against acne vulgaris or skin and body care in general
as the dried lavender herb has a strong antiseptic effect. It also applies crotchetically and improves digestion. In the dressing room will effectively scare the mole. This plant is unequaled culinary - you can make ice cream desserts, lemonade, seasonings, meat and vegetables
Recipe for lavender cookies - tasty and fragrant you will find on our fanpage.